Son, the building

Son is a huge building, handsome, and tall, standing in the middle of the city. It’s been built on a piece of land that was once considered too unstable to support a building of this size.  But apparently, reality proved all the architects wrong. A building was successfully built there, and it stands straight, firm, with no risk of collapse… No risk of collapse? Really? Then how do you explain this fear that Son the building feels towards this one thing: the earthquake?


One day, Son finally faced his worst fear. He felt it right to its walls. It all started with a light shake underground. Son bent down to check his foundations that seemed to have been damaged. That’s when he heard this cracking noise, and realized that he had just broken, and created himself a fissure from his left side to his right side. His bending movement had been too sudden.Son was now worried and anxious. He had just caused the 1st hazard that was capable of destroying him: a fissure! A fissure that was getting larger as time was passing. And it was entirely his fault, and not the fault of the earthquake. He was aware of that. Why on earth did he bend down to check his foundations? Why did he try to verify whether his roots were hurt? He made a mistake, and now he was bitterly sorry he had done that. But it was too late to complain now. But as strange as it may sound, this fissure seemed to unconsciously relieve him.  Kind of bizarre, don’t you think?


Anyway, Son was about to collapse, because of a wound he created. And there was nothing he could do to stop time. The fissure was already there. And Son knew he would crumble with the next earthquake, as light as it might be. Suddenly in the middle of all his thoughts and fears, Son the building heard a tender voice, apparently coming from heaven, whispering these words in his ear: « My dear son, unless the seed in the soil dies, it cannot live again ». Son was comforted by this voice and let peace surround him, this peace that fear had hidden for a long time. And he finally understood: There are earthquakes that help awake. There are destructions that are in fact reconstructions.


Written by Dorcas Manou Lasme Adou


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